Tap into the power of the biggest emerging market on Earth: WOMEN

Female Equality Matters offers an independent evaluation and Certification of an organization's outcomes with respect to achieving female parity in the workplace.

Female Equality Matters(R) Offers Independent Certification of an Exceptional Number of Women in Top Leadership Roles

What is the power of the female demographic?  Who says so?

The power is exponential.  From Time magazine to the Harvard Business Review to your local paper, awareness of the power of the female market is growing.

From “The Female Economy” Featured in The Harvard Business Review in September 2009:

  • “Women represent the largest market opportunity in the world.
  • Despite women’s dominant buying power, many companies continue to market mostly to men and fail to explore how they might meet women’s needs.
  • Companies that can offer tailored products and services—going beyond “make it pink”—will be positioned to win when the economy begins to recover.”

Female Equality Matters Certification helps you position your organization directly to consumers as one that values women equally in the workplace.

Imagine a world that harnesses the passion and power of women as a group to make meaningful changes in women’s representation in leadership roles.  A world where everyone could “vote with their dollars” when purchasing products and services to support Female Equality. Companies that demonstrate their ethical convictions by achieving measureable outcomes in Female Equality in their workplaces would get those “votes” (and dollars) by earning the Female Equality Matters (FEM) Certification.

The Value of Consumers Voting for Causes with Dollars is Clear

In a study conducted by Cone, Inc. In their study on the impact of “cause marketing” they found support for “cause marketing”:

  • 74% increase in actual purchases for a shampoo brand when associated with a cause
    • 47% of participants who saw the cause-related message chose the brand while only 27% of those who saw the generic corporate advertisement chose the brand
  • 28% increase in actual purchases for a toothpaste brand when associated with a cause
    • 64% of participants who saw the cause message chose the target brand vs. 50% who viewed the generic corporate advertisement
  • Women are more swayed by cause marketing than men. Source: Cone, Inc. First Cause Consumer Behavior Survey
  • Success of “Breast Cancer Awareness” campaigns evidences the power of “women’s causes” linked to consumer behavior (nearly US$50Million in donations went to the Komen Foundation from these efforts undertaken at more than 250 companies in 2008)

There is a “Halo Effect” for the Entity That Undertakes Cause Marketing

  • A study at the University of Michigan “showed that companies that join with social causes to sell products not only enhance their image, but also improve their bottom-line.” Source: Ross School of Business, University of Michigan, A. Krishna, PhD and U. Rajan, PhD

Why do we care about harnessing the purchasing power of women?

  • Women Call the Shots With Most Consumer Purchases: 75% of consumer purchases are decided by women
  • Growing Economic Power in the U.S.: Nearly half of new businesses are started by women in the U.S.
  • Growing Economic Power in the Developing World: “Women leaders are the new power behind the global economy,” proclaims Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu. “In developing nations, women’s earned income is growing at 8.1 per cent per year, compared with 5.8 per cent for men. Globally, women control nearly US$12 trillion of the US$18 trillion total overall consumer spending, a figure predicted to rise to US$15 trillion by 2014.” Source: http://upandrunning.entrepreneur.com
  • Even More Growing Economic Power: If women-owned businesses were their own country, they would have the 5th largest GDP in the world, ahead of countries including France, the United Kingdom, and Italy  Source: http://www.nfwbo.org/newsroom/pressreleases/2009pressreleases/economicimpactmeas/
  • Harvard Says So: Harvard Business Review’s website (HBR.org) calls women worldwide “The Biggest Emerging Market”.
  • Women Gaining More Education Than Men in the U.S.: Presently, women constitute 57% of all U.S. college students and women are seeking ever-more master’s and doctoral degrees.
  • …But Not Just in the U.S. “In contrast to what was the case in the past, recent data shows that women’s enrollment in tertiary education now exceeds men’s in most countries. Over the past 25 years, the overall number of students in higher education has increased. The number of women, however, has risen more rapidly in North America and Western Europe than the number of men. “ Source: United Nations Economic Commission for Europe

Women Bring Value to the Table

According to the Boston Globe:

  • European firms with the highest proportion of women in power saw their stock value climb by 64 percent over two years, compared with an average of 47 percent, according to a 2007 study by the consulting firm McKinsey and Company.
  • Measured as a percent of revenues, profits at Fortune 500 firms that most aggressively promoted women were 34 percent higher than industry medians, a 2001 Pepperdine University study showed.
  • A French business professor found that the share prices of companies with more female managers declined less than average on the French stock market in 2008.

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